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What's Up Warriors!  It's Warrior Jam Time!

THANK YOU to everyone who supported the Danceathon fundraiser in October 2019.  It was a HUGE success! Because of your faithful giving to our fundraisers, we’ve been able to save money over the past several years for a much-needed athletic field. While many things are different this school year due to COVID, we remain thankful for the blessing of being together onsite. This year’s fundraiser will look a bit different than the large gatherings we’ve done previously. We are very close to raising the funds necessary to complete our athletic field. We felt this would be a fun event for our students to share their school spirit and pride for ACS by participating in our Warrior Jam. You can be a part of this amazing event by helping us raise the additional funds needed to complete the field. Our goal is to raise at least $100K through this event.



Warrior Jam is a basketball shooting tournament that will take place March 15th – April 9th. The tournament will be broken down by each class. Each student will be automatically awarded one basketball shot per competition round, until or unless their class has been eliminated from the competition brackets. Students will earn additional opportunities to shoot a basket based on funds raised.


  • SCHOOL OFFICE: Families are welcome to drop off the attached pledge form with cash or check in the school office.

  • ONLINE:  Supporters also have the option of donating online to submit their contribution electronically.  To do so, go to the top of this page and click on the Donate button.















Showcase your business’ support of ACS with your company logo printed on grade level shirts. With the generous support of our families there may be more than one business per grade level represented If you are a grade level sponsor, your child will receive all personal incentive levels, however he/she will not earn the additional shots to participate in each competition.                                                   


Please click on the Donate/Sponsor button at the top of this page to submit your request and then email your logo in jpg or png to our event team at Please note, for logo printing on backs of shirts, logo/sponsorship must be received by 3/9.



  • Initial Seeding for TK-8th grades – March 11th & March 12th

  • Round 1 – March 18th

  • Round 2 – March 19th

  • Round 3 – March 25th

  • Round 4 – March 26th

  • Round 5 – April 8th

  • Round 6 – April 9th

  • Championship – April 9th



  • Each student will automatically be awarded 1 shot per round regardless of the amount of funds raised. Students will have the chance to earn more basketball shots with funds raised:

    • The funds raised to determine the number of shots a student will shoot, will be calculated from Wednesday through Tuesday, prior to each competition date.  

    • For each $10 raised, up to $100, the student will receive 1 shot for each $10 increment within that $100 (not to exceed 10 shots).  

    • For every $10 increment between each $100 dollars, the student will have a chance to shoot one Money Ball valuing anywhere from 1 – 9 points, for baskets made.

      • i.e. $110 raised = 1 free shot, 10 shots for the $100, 1 shot for the $10=1 pt

      • i.e. $320 raised = 1 free shot, 10 shots for the first $100, 2 money ball shots, each valued at 10 pts for the $200, 1 money ball shot valued at 3 pts for the $30

      • i.e. $450 raised = 1 free shot, 10 shots for the initial $100, 3 Money ball shots valued at 30 points for the remaining $300, and 1 money ball shot valued at 5 pts for the $50.

    • For every $100 raised after the initial $100, the student will shoot 1 Money Ball per $100, valued at 10 pts.

    • All points earned from the above are based on the shots made.

  • TK - 8th grades will participate in a double elimination tournament. Preschool will compete each week for total number of shots made with a teacher's class winning each week.

  • You might consider strategizing and spacing out donations each week to extend the number of shot opportunities your student has, keeping in mind there is no guarantees of a class moving forward in the competition. 

  • TK & K will shoot on a 7- foot hoop from an appropriate distance with a 27.5” ball.

  • 1st & 2nd will shoot on an 8- foot hoop from an appropriate distance with a 27.5” ball.

  • 3rd - 5th will shoot on a 9-foot hoop from an appropriate distance with a 28.5” ball.

  • 6th - 8th will shoot on a 10-foot hoop from an appropriate distance with a 29.5” ball (girls will shoot with a 28.5” ball).

  • The winning class will earn a pizza party with games, movies and activities in A101.

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