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Word of God - Students will grow in their knowledge of God and EMBRACE His Truth which leads to a personal walk with Christ as evidenced by:

  • The understanding of their identity in Jesus Christ and his indwelling power of the Holy Spirit's work within them.

  • Memorization and application of God's word evidenced in their response to the experiences they face on a daily basis.

  • An ability to defend their faith and share it with others.​

  • Growth in their walk with Christ as they study, understand, and obey the Word of God and develop a Biblical worldview.

Academics - Students will strive for EXCELLENCE and competency by:

  • Demonstrating their proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking skills.

  • Mastering curriculum goals as evidenced in subject specific exams and standardized tests.

  • Comprehending, conceptualizing, analyzing, and applying information from various disciplines.

Respect - Students' CHARACTER will demonstrate a healthy respect for God's Word by:

  • Honoring their parents and accepting their leadership role.

  • Supporting their school and church with their actions and behavior.

  • Appreciating our nation's Christian history, freedom, flag and military.

  • Exemplifying first class manners.

  • Showing respect for themselves and others, taking pride in their school and using property and equipment in a safe manner.

Responsibility - Students will know and model Christ-like CHARACTER by:

  • Knowing and doing what God expects as described in His word.

  • Using their energy to fulfill the expectations of those who are counting on them.

  • Knowing and applying the principle that their body is a temple of God and they will commit themselves to a lifestyle of purity, health, and fitness.

  • Reporting all problems to administration and staff.

Initiative - Students will take the initiative and exhibit integrity by:

  • Taking ownership and responsibility for doing their best wrk in class and at home.

  • Showing positive leadership in and out of the classroom.

  • Coming to school prepared and ready to learn.

Opportunities - Students grow in their academics through experiences on and off campus as evidenced by:

  • Participation in school-sponsored field trips, camps and athletics and other extra-curricular activities.

  • Ability to identify and apply critical thinking skills in relation to what they have learned or experienced.

  • Demonstration of God-honoring behavior.

Reach - Students will look beyond themselves and demonstrate ministry to others through:

  • Christ-like servant leadership service projects established by their school and church.

  • Working at home with parents to earn funds to support class missionaries.

  • Willingness to serve where needed.

  • Practicing the Biblical principle of relating to others regardless of religious, economic, or cultural backgrounds.

Social Awareness - Students will understand and respond to the needs of others by:

  • Cultivating an attitude of sportsmanship.

  • Clearly communicating their thoughts, feelings, and knowledge to fellow students and staff.

  • Growing development of conflict resolution skills with guided and independent practice.

  • Providing opportunities for older students to participate in a buddy program.

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